Savage Blonde Rips Out Rival's Hair Extensions As Three Women Punch And Kick Each Other During Vicious Brawl

- Jan 03, 2018-


A savage blonde ripped out a rival's hair extensions as three women punched and kicked each other during a vicious street fight.

One woman was smashed into a wall and another left bleeding on the ground after she was thrown to the floor and kicked in the head.

The savage brawl was caught on camera by a fed-up business owner.

Zapfhall co-owner Rhett Pace filmed the brutal fight after it erupted near his business in Freemantle, Australia, at 8pm on Saturday.

Posting the footage online, he wrote: "Is it just me or is this kinda thing happening more and more?"

The clip begins with a red-head shoving a blonde woman into a wall behind her.

The woman screams expletives back at her blonde foe before she shoves her back.

As the pair then wrestle with each other the blonde woman ends up on the floor, prompting her pal to rush over and rip out the red-headed woman's hair extensions in retaliation.


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With extensions in hand the blonde woman falls to the ground and it appears the unnamed redhead kicks her.

The group continue to yell at each other as the two blonde women walk away and the red-head goes to retrieve her hair extensions from the ground.

Posting the footage on Facebook Mr Pace said he has plenty more videos of similar incidents outside his work and he's concerned fights like this are growing.

He wrote: "I hear so many stories from local business owners daily about massive problems with the homeless and drug problems.

"There is a guy who walks up and down the strip a couple of times every single day shadow boxing bins and the light posts.


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"Everyone around him is visibly uncomfortable and they move away from him as quickly as possible. People don't want to hang around in a place where this anti-social behaviour is always going on.

"The council has got to start to wake up to what's really happening in Fremantle."

But he adds: "And please don't take this the wrong way.. this isn't meant to shame one person.

"I think it's just getting a little out of hand and we need to all face the reality of what is going on and address issues together. "