How To Choose A Wig

- Jul 20, 2017-

1. When buying a wig, you should choose a color similar to your own hair, so that even if the original hair is inadvertently exposed, it will not be noticeable by chromatic aberration.

2. To choose the appropriate elastic wig wear, otherwise it will cause local scalp discomfort.

3. In addition to selecting preferred colors and styles, the size and quality of hair should be carefully examined. All parties are satisfied with the right to buy.

4. It is also important to note that wigs should be relatively thin in the temples and foreheads, so that they are appropriate to the skin.

5. Be sure to keep the wig clean, dust and other contaminants in the air are easily affected by the luster and smoothness of the wig, so it should be cleaned regularly, especially in the summer of sweat and dust.

6. Before wearing wigs, you should comb your hair smoothly, and then put your hair firmly fixed, and finally clip clips tightly.