How Do You Wear Wigs With Long Hair?

- Jul 20, 2017-

The charm of a wig is like perfume in front of a woman's charm, as long as you use it once, I believe you will be difficult to give up! Many cherish their hair long hair meimei want to wear wigs, but for long hair how to wear wigs and worry! But also need not worry, below, we introduce for everybody, how long hair wears wig!

1. Weave your hair in a twist braid, and if your hair is too long, you can weave two or more bundles.

2. Use a plurality of clips to fasten the braid behind your head, and be careful not to put braided braids on your head.

3. Directly put the wig on, if the hair is too bad to fix, you can also first put on the top of the hair net and then cover the wig.

4. The right amount of matte light wax smear on the wig, and then with the fingers randomly knead scratching, then can create or disorderly or cool visual effects, the whole hair fluffy, "messy" and rich level.