What Makes Hand Tied Wefts Special?

- Sep 26, 2018-

The hand tied hair extension method has been around for a while. They may seem new but it’s just getting trendy. A big reason for their lack of popularity is how difficult they are to install. While there are some pros to this method, there are certainly some cons. Let’s go over why hand tied wefts exist, what the benefits are, and what to watch out for.

First, why do these exist? We get along with the trandtional beaded weft method just fine! Totally. And, really, the beaded weft method is likely still best for you. Hand tied wefts are bound by hand and thin by design. Thin wefts are perfect for people with fine hair who want to avoid the heat or glue of tape-ins. Hand tied wefts, like tape-ins, lay flat without bulk. They can be more comfortable to wear and touch.

So what’s the downside? The installation. They are not only difficult and time-consuming to install, but the wefts can’t be cut. If you attempt to cut them, the thin wefts quickly shed and become worthless.