- Nov 13, 2017-

There’s lots of talk about tape hair extensions with lots of girls wondering about this option for their own hair, so we thought we’d give you all a little heads up of what they’re about and why clip in hair extensions are SO much better for your hair.

Firstly, to begin with, you might be thinking tape? TAPE!? What kind of tape? ….Well, apparently, it’s a ‘special’ kind of type that keeps your hair intact for up to 10 weeks. With its super strong hold that the tape is known for we are probably quite right in thinking that most people are a little apprehensive when first hearing about the method. And we can totally see why!!

Sticking your hair to tape that mimics sellotape seems pretty ludicrous when you first hear it, but women across the world are already pursuing the method and putting their hair through hell in the process. So, before the whole world goes tape hair extension crazy, we thought we’d give you some vital information so you can decide for yourselves.

The application of tape hair extensions is pretty simple; you section your hair into a thin straight line, remove the backing tape seal and place it under a small section of your natural hair, as close to the scalp as possible. It is advised to use as little hair as possible as the sticking strength of the tape will be much higher, the more hair you stick it to, the less likely it is to hold. You then need to smooth your hair onto the tape using the end of a tail comb; then you will need to take another piece of tape hair, remove the seal and press it directly on top of the previous piece. So the thin section of your natural hair is pretty much ‘sandwiched’ between the two pieces of tape hair extensions. It is then recommended to leave your hair unwashed for at least 3 days so the taped hair has enough time to set.

Now I don’t know about you guys, but we’re certainly not seeing how tape hair extensions can be kind to your natural hair? Even though most of your natural hair is being covered by hair extensions you still need to think about and treat your natural hair as best as you possibly can.

It’s the whole thought of sticking fine pieces of hair to the tape and then having to remove them that we aren't fans of; just imagine the breakage of your hair ladies! Even when sticking them onto the tape at first, the hair could easily break if you had to re-position or start with a new tape. We just don’t see the logic! When removing the tape hair extensions it is advised to use solution and to ensure that your aren't pulling too hard at the tape. Removing the hair extensions with solution may take a little effort and time, however, it is the safest way possible to remove them so if you are using tape hair extensions be sure to remove them with plenty of solution to increase the chances of your hair coming away less damaged.

You also need to think of when the extensions are fitted, you aren't able to take them out willy nilly. Once they are in, they’re in for a couple of weeks. This means washing your normal hair as well as your hair extensions, which is time consuming in itself and also decreases the lifespan of hair extensions when you have to wash them as frequently as your natural hair. All the hassle just isn't worth the end results, and potentially ruining your natural hair is not worth it at all.

This is why we think clip in hair extensions are definitely the ones to go for. They are easily fitted, easily taken out, you can pick and choose when you want to wear them,  you can wear them up or down with ease, style them to your heart’s content, and wash your own hair freely: all whilst keeping your hair extensions in tip top condition! Whoop!

Clip in hair extensions are no more damaging to your natural hair than tying it into a tight ponytail so if you’re a little uneasy at the thought of clipping extensions onto your natural hair then fear not, if you backcomb and add a little hairspray to where you’re about to clip this will give your hair a little extra support so all should be well my lovelies!

So you are able to have long, luscious, thick hair which isn't really damaging your own natural hair in the mean time...Need I say anymore?!

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