How to distinguish the quality of long straight wig

- Jul 20, 2017-

Wigs are roughly divided into two types:

The first is the long straight wig made by the real person, the price of this wig is generally expensive, the stars are generally Dai Jin hair wigs, and is tailored to them, the price is very expensive.

The second is made of fiber: the fibers can be roughly divided into three species (Japan's Cathy, Hans and Chinese silk mixed to make of mixed silk, and silk)

Long straight wig The more the quality of reflection is stronger, this is a basis for judging the wig, in addition to the real hair do the wig, Japan's Cathy is the best, followed by a mix of silk, and then Pith. Of course, the price difference is due to the quality of the good or bad, so you see a lot of the same style on-line but the price difference is very large because the quality of the wig is different, but on the internet to see pictures of everyone is not the same.