How do I handle a ponytail?

- Jul 20, 2017-

1. Wigs are not easy to dirty, do not often clean oh, every day to wear about 1-2 months cleaning once, do not often wear half a year to wash, before cleaning, first with a comb to comb the hair smoothly.

2. Clean water, and then add conditioner to soak in warm waters for 5 minutes, a little carding fluent, and then Qingshuiqing wash clean.

3. Use dry towel to absorb dry water, hang in the ventilated place to dry naturally, avoid direct sunlight.

4. Dry and comb the hair after drying to 80%.

5. With the use of wash-free care solution, natural drying to ensure that the wig feel luster effect.

6. Comb wig is to first spray on the wig care fluid, and then with a steel comb from the bottom to the top 1.1-point comb, do not drag the hair tail of the comb, easy to damage the wig.

7. If you do not wear it for a long time, you should first comb it, spray the lotion to dry after the box.